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One that would be born, must first destroy their world...

ca va sans dire; dire epiphany

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Birthdate:May 12
Location:Georgia, United States of America
Website:Animetion Ink
When I figure out who I am, you'll be the first to know.

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absinthe, acceptance, advent children, akira kurosawa, andrew vachss, anime, ayumi hamasaki, balance, bisexual, bisexuality, bonsai, british comedy, bushido, cartoons, chu, city of heroes, city of villians, computers, cowboy bebop, criminal minds, crouching tiger hidden dragon, dao, dark angel, dead like me, dead zone, digital photography, dominic purcell, dragon*con, dragoncon, enlightenment, erotic, erotica, eroticism, everquest, everquest 2, fake manga, fanfics, fantasy, final fantasy, final fantasy x, final fantasy xi, final fantasy xii, firefly, fuyumi soryo, gackt, gay marriage, ghost in the shell, gi, goth, gothic, gregorian chants, gurps, handcuffs, happiness by proxy, hayao miyazaki, hellsing, hermann hess, honda cbr 600rr, horror, house of flying daggers, howling syn, independent films, inkubus sukkubus, invader zim, j-pop, j-rock, jackie chan, jacqueline carey, japan, japanese, japanese art, japanese music, japanese rope bondage, jin, john doe, joss whedon, kanji, katsuaki fujiwara, ken watanabe, kinbaku, klaha, last samurai, li gong, lost, m a r s, makoto, malice mizer, manga, martial arts, martial arts films, mc mong, mediaeval baebes, meditation, megabike honda, meiyo, mel gibson, melanie rawn, michael whelan, mike thompson, miyamoto musashi, mononoke hime, nrg, planetside, playstation, poly, polyamory, polylove, reading, rei, renn faire, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying, rpgs, ryan reynolds, saiyuki, sci-fi, science fiction, sebastien charpentier, shakespeare, shibari, shoujo ai, shounen ai, significant other, smile dk, supersport, swimming, tai chi, tai chi chuan, takeshi kaneshiro, tantric sex, tao te ching, the lost boys, the tribe, vampire: the masquerade, vampires, van helsing, veronica mars, video games, winston ten kate honda, world supersport, worlds of warcraft, wu wei,, x-men, yaoi, yoga, yoshitako amano, yu, zen
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