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Being the Gamer Chick that I am - I have been watching the live coverage of E3. Today, we had the official Press Conference for Microsoft, and among all the rather inane information was the official announcement from Square Enix (and it explains why FF XIII isn't on the planned press information for Sony):

Final Fantasy XIII for PlayStation 3 ONLY in Japan - it's coming to XBox 360 in the US.

Among the beauty of the game (and all the crying that went with just how shiny it is), I am feeling a sense of betrayal by Square today. They still haven't mentioned the co-release game FF XIII Verses, so I suppose I can hold out hope for that being on PS3.

I mean, I HAVE an XBox 360... but... but... Final Fantasy is so intrinsic to PlayStation, it is hard not to feel some sort of sadness right now.

On the up side, tomorrow is the Sony press conference, and I am going to continue to hold out hope that the reason they let FF XIII go, is because they brokered a deal to get FF VII made for the PS3.

I will keep you all posted!

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