Mar. 24th, 2007

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I printed out my passport application today. Now, all I have to do is have my passport photos taken, scrounge together $100, and go stand in line at the post office. Then in six to eight weeks, I will be free to leave the country should I choose to do so (which means should I have the funding to do so, because we all know I would be on a plane right now if I could be).

In other news, I have let go (emotionally) of a lot of things at Dragon*Con and ACE. It has been easier than I thought it would be. This is in no small part due to actually, for the first time in my life, being so happy on a regular basis, that I am fairly certain my water is being drugged. :)

The real reason for the euphoria is the most spectacular and terrifying gift I have ever received... and whether it comes to fruition or not, it will have absolutely been worth every precious moment I have had.

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